Voluntary Recall System

About UK Automotive Recall System

Recalls to address safety defects in automotive products are launched and monitored under the terms of Codes of Practice formulated from discussions between the Department for Transport and the Trade Associations representing the Motor Manufacturing industry. The General Product Safety Regulations 2005 provide the legal support.

These Codes set out the guidelines and procedures for the recall of vehicles and components that have safety related defects due to a feature of design or construction, and which are liable to cause significant risk of injury to the driver, occupants of the vehicle or other road users.

The first Code was introduced in 1979. There are now three Codes (a link to them is on the website) which cover the following:

• Code of Practice on Vehicle Safety Defects which includes components.

• Code of Practice on action concerning the recall of Tyres, Wheels and Associated parts in the aftermarket.

• Code of Practice for Pedal Cycle Recalls

It is the responsibility of the producer to inform DVSA when substantial evidence of a safety defect that requires remedial action has been confirmed. Additionally, evidence may be presented to the manufacturer by DVSA as a result of investigations into collisions and safety defects which have been brought to their attention from other sources.

If you believe you have experienced a safety defect due to a deficiency in the design or construction of your automotive product, please contact DVSA on 0117 9543300 or complete a report form (a link to which is on the website) or email vsb@vosa.gov.uk so that we may assess whether or not we can take the matter forward.